About the Blog Name

I am Scottish and Choctaw, both key aspects of my identity. My sister is a Doctor of Social Work; her Ph.D. dissertation centered on healing from historical trauma. I learned a little about historical trauma through her journey. It is a theory developed in the 1980s by social worker Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart. Only in recent years have psychiatrists and neuropsychologists begun to study the transgenerational effect that trauma can have. Westerners finally catching up to the wisdom of indigenous people.

Any way…

Choctaw was not a written language. A Christian “missionary” in the Choctaw region of the Mississippi valley developed a written version using the Roman alphabet. Ten years later, the Choctaw and other tribes were forced to relocate to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

It is difficult to find consistent, verified information about the written Choctaw language, and I don’t have easy access to native-speakers. But, I wanted the name of this blog to reflect me and the intent, while also paying homage to the role that historical trauma has in the experience of systemically oppressed peoples.

After hours of research, I found the Choctaw phrase Ik pim anukfila, which means Let us be mindful.

Note: I had to change the URL for my blog because if the inherent racism in major social media platforms. Facebook/Instagram started to block my site for violating “community standards.”